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Typical Frequently Asked Ouestions

How will I be paid for my vehicle? 

The most secure and convenient way to pay you for your vehicle is with an electronic bank transfer directly into your bank account. This service is completely free to you and in almost all cases we can make the electronic transfer whilst the collection driver is at your agreed collection address. We will even wait with you until you are able to confirm the funds have cleared and are in your bank account.

Why can't I have cash for my car?

For security reasons it is simply not safe or practicable for our collection team to carry large quantities of cash

What happens if I miss a scratch or dent? 

Our valuation is based on the description that you provide. Once you have decided to sell your vehicle a member of our team will contact you to confirm the information you have given us. If your appraisal does not match the condition of your vehicle upon collection we may have to revalue your car accordingly. If there is a decrease in the value of your car, this amount will be deducted from the balance that we transfer into your bank account on collection.

Remember, we want to buy your car we will be as fair as possible but is important you are honest with us when describing your car as this will save time when we come to collect the vehicle.

What happens if I have outstanding finance on my car?

We will settle any outstanding finance on your vehicle as part of the transaction. Due to ‘Data protection’ laws you may have to obtain your settlement in writing on our behalf.

If you wish to settle the finance yourself we will need written confirmation of payment from your finance company prior to us paying for and collecting the car. 

If you owe more on your finance than we have agreed to pay for your car, you will need to pay us the balance on collection by debit or credit card.

I do not have a V5 registration document?

For us to buy your car, we will need your original V5 document (the car must be registered in your own name and address).

If you do not have a V5 document you can obtain one by filling in a form V62 which are available to download from the DVLA or alternatively you can pick one up at the post office.

You will need to send this form and the appropriate fee to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR. 

A new V5 document will normally be issued to you in approximately 5 working days. We would be unable to proceed with the transaction until you have this document and potentially we may need to revalue your car due to the time delay.

Would I be better part-exchanging my car?

There are certain benefits in selling your car to us rather than part-exchanging. Dealers will often offer what seems to be a ‘very good’ part-exchange price to persuade you to buy a potentially over priced new or used car. 

In our experience the most effective way to negotiate at any car dealership is to have hard cash available to bargain with.

You should always remember to consider the overall cost of changing your car, selling your car to us can put you in a very strong position when negotiating a price for your next one.